P.A.L.S. Presents
Helping Your Worried/Anxious Child

September 29, 2014

Does your child worry? Does the thought of going to school cause panic? Does your child cry or feel sick more often than other children? Do these situations cause you stress as a parent/caregiver?

This presentation focuses on:

  • How anxiety develops and the different types of anxiety
  • The impact on the child who worries
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) tools and suggestions for home and school

The presentation will be offered by Dr. Pam Struiksma, who is a Clinical and School Psychologist. Dr. Struiksma and her colleagues provide therapy and assessments for children and adolescents through her private practice, Child & Youth Psychological Services.

Her clinical areas of interest include Anxiety, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, Selective Mutism, ADHD, and social skill deficits.

                                                Date: September 29, 2014

                                                         Time: 6:30 p.m.

                                    Location: 22 Leeming Street, Hamilton, Ont

                                                    COST: $10 at the door

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