"Normal" ANXIETY

Feelings that everyone has or will experience when faced with problems or when stressed out. The  feeling is for a limited time.

What they feel: upset, uncomfortable and tense.

Symptoms: stomach upset, shaking and headaches.

Causes: illness, school, work, something new in your life ect

What is an Anxiety Disorder ?

Feelings of intense anxiety. The feeling is constant, discomfort, always worrying abnormally, tension and panic attacks. Their level of anxiety and feelings of panic are so extreme that they interfere with their daily activity.  

Affects: they way the person works, thinks, feels and behaves.

Different types

Generalized Anxiety disorder: Always worrying about them and others.

Symptoms: headache, diarrhea, stomach pains and heart palpitations.

Agoraphobia: Fear of being in places or situations that might be hard to get away from or fear that they might not have someone that is able to help them if they have a panic attack. They may find it helpful to be in company of a save person/pet or object.

Panic disorder: have panic attacks spontaneously for a few minutes and go away slowly which last about 10-15 minutes.

Symptoms: fear attacks might lead to death or loss of control, fear of going to places where attacks might happen, worrying about have another panic attack and having no help when it happens.

Specific phobias: Intense fears that interfere with life. The person is fine when said fear is not present but when near fear panic attack happens. People go great lengths to avoid said fear.

Social phobia: Fear that others will judge them in a negative way.They try not to do things that others will be able to see.

Post Traumatic stress disorder: People who have experienced major traumas such as war, torture, hurricanes, earthquakes, accidents or personal violence may cause fear long after the event. They may experience nightmares or flashbacks for years from triggered things.


Personality: easily upset very sensitive or emotional.

Learnt response: have been in a situation before that when thought about causes then to be anxious.

Heredity: runs in family.

Biochemical processes: all anxiety disorders arise from disturbances in the different brain areas.

Celebrities that suffer from it


Many professionals such as family doctors,psychologist,social workers,counselors or psychiatrists can help. Treatment will also include education and specific types of psychotherapy to help the person understand their thoughts, emotions and behavioral.People think about it differently and learn how to deal with it better.

Medication: Benzodiazepines and Antidepressants

Support Services in Toronto

The Mindfulness Clinic has helped thousands of patients. At our downtown Toronto Clinic, we offer a full range of individual and group therapies. We also provide one-on-one and couples therapy in Queen West, North York, The Annex, St. Lawrence Market, Bloor West, Etobicoke, and online.

Toronto Shyness and Social Anxiety Support Group. They are a support group for those who experience anxiety or discomfort around other people, whether in large gatherings, small groups, or one-on-one.

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