Raymond Academy's ThingLink
Tech Challenge

Hey Raymond Engineers! Let's celebrate! STAAR Testing is OVER!!!! Students are restless and you are looking for a creative way to get them to express themselves and all that energy! Look no further...

Looking for some FUNtastic ideas involving TECH in your classroom?

Try a few of these ideas on for size!

Every week until school's out, ThingLink is hosting a Challenge to schools across the US to share ways they use technology! This is Week 1 of the challenge.

Your Job (as the teacher) and YOUR Week One Challenge:

I'm creating a cool school map of Raymond Academy (see Below) and I would like to include your classroom! I challenge you to take a photo, video, notes, even audio, or Google Docs if you like of your class and send it to me virtually!  (Note: TODAY 4/24 I'm coming around to 'Capture' images of you and your students in action!)

Include your room# and I will add it to the Raymond Academy Map below. You have until Tuesday, April 28th to submit.

Every Monday, a new challenge will be submitted. I will add the Thinglinks here so you can preview them! Let's share and have fun using Tech throughout Raymond!

The grade level with THE most submissions will when a PRIZE each week!

Raymond Academy's ThingLink Project: Week 1

scroll over the image to take the Virtual Tour of Raymond Academy!

Ask me more about ThingLink and how YOU and your students can use this in your classroom today!

2nd-4th grade Teachers who would like to be a pilot for 2 weeks using
ThingLink for class projects and/or assignments will
get the Chromebooks and WiFi! (More details to come)

Fill out this form below if you are interested and tell me briefly how you would like to use online Apps (I'll help with the ideas a little) in your classroom!