Bethune Tech Tidbits   Sept. 1 - 5

Let's Start Flowing at Dismissal with

Flocabulary is an awesome tool that teaches vocabulary through songs, videos and online learning activities.  This resource has been purchased by the district this year and is available to everyone...all you have to do is register!  If you haven't done so already, click the link below and sign up using your email address.

It's that time...Grades are due on 9/12.

Don't forget that progress report grades are due NEXT FRIDAY, September 12th, at 4:30pm.  You must have at least 10 grades: six for daily work, three for homework and one a major test.

We now have BrainPOP!

Have you ever used Brainpop?  If you have not, please check out this video to learn more about this popular resource that has recently been purchased by the district.  Students love Brainpop and you will as well.  

Here's the login information: Username - aldine   Password - brainpop

We are unable to create ID badges at our campus, so we have been working to get the badges created ASAP.  As soon as the badges are made, they will be delievered to you.  In the meantime, you should continue punching in your employee ID at the time clock.

Get Familiar with Class Dojo

In your spare time, take a moment to watch the video above pertaining to Class Dojo. We will be using this resource this year and Ms. Weisinger will have more training information to share during our upcoming staff meeting.

Just in case you forgot... Username: student-bethune    Password: bethune

Want to be more tech savvy?

Quite a few staff members have mentioned wanting to get trained in particular areas of technology to boost their instruction and learn more.  Please let me know where you are wanting more assistance or training either via email or down below.

Keeping you in the know & more Tech Savvy,
Modem Odom

Instructional Technology Specialist
Bethune Academy, Aldine ISD
Technology Concerns: