Civilian space travel?

by: Brendan Hill

Space the final frontier, but it may not be for much longer. Soon normal civilians might be able to fly into space. At first you may think wow that’s a great idea, but is it really? I think it is not. First they have no training, and there is no point if they can’t even bring back any helpful information also I believe it is way too expensive just for them to have a good time.

Normal civilians have no training in space, so it could be potentially dangerous to everyone in the rocket. For instance if something bad were to happen such as a fire, no one would know how to react. This is just one of many different life threatening situations that can happen while in space.

Even if we do send civilians in space how would that be beneficial to the space program? Since they have no training, they would not be able to gather any helpful information. If we sent a scientist or an astronaut, we would have information that would be helpful to the space program.

It costs a lot of money to send people into space and the only reason they would want to go in to have a good time, or to have a cool story. To me it cost way too much money for ordinary people to just have a good time in space. Although it would be cool and fun it costs too much money.

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