White Star

                                                          By: Emma Grace Sims

Lady B. and Star laying on the hill

There is a young filly named Star. Star was a light palomino filly or a baby. Star was born on May 10, 2014. She was born at Serenity Ridge Farm in Gordo, Alabama. She lives with Melody, or Mel for short, Dixie, and her mother Lady B., or B for short. Mel is a clydesdale and is the ruler of the herd.The most magical thing about Star's life is that she was born the day before mother’s day. Her registered name is Miss. May-B’s White Star. May came from the month she was born, and B came from her mother’s name, Lady B, and her real name (when we named her the day she was born) is, White Star because she has a white star marking on her forehead. Now get ready to discover her life.

Chapter 1: month 1

As I was walking outside of my grandmother’s porch my mom stopped me and told me B’s foal was born. I talked to my grandmother and she said we could go see her. I remember just thinking of what she was going to look like. What ever color she was i knew that we couldn't get too attached to her yet because most foals don’t make it past two months. With this so sudden we weren’t prepared to take in another animal especially a baby horse.

Chapter 2: month 2

Star is now almost out of the woods for good. We could not be happier with her progress. I remember when we finally decided to halter break her. It was a Saturday and the horses were at the fence eating there food, star was in the corner with Lady B. my uncle and me approached her with a halter and a lead rope. She stared me in the eyes with worry written all over her face. We finally got her cornered and threw the rope over her and caught her, I ran up to her and looped the halter on her. She took off with us trailing not far behind trying to hold on to the lead. We got her over to the hay ring and tied her to it. She was pulling it so tight you couldn't find an inch of slack in the rope. Mel is very jealous about Star, so when ever star and Lady B are walking together Mel will come up behind them and shove her way in the middle.

Chapter 3: month 3-5

Star was not wanting to walk on the lead and when me and my sister(Mollie) tried to pull her and nudge her all she did was take a huge leap and return to a stand still. Every time I walk down the drive to the farm Star always comes running from the low pasture to the gate when she sees me. I brought her some raisins and watermelon since those are her favorite treats, she ate the whole watermelon and the rhine. After she looked like she had lipstick on because her muzzle was covered in red watermelon juice.

Chapter 3: month 6-7

Star is so furry now that her winter coat has come in. She feels like cotton candy but four inches deep! We have now trained her to walk on a lead and give you hugs. If you hug her around the neck she will lean in and hug you too. I hope we can keep improving her progress and by the time she is three years old and able to be ridden, we won’t have to break her because she will already be introduced to the saddle, bridle, and bit. I would never sell her or give her away, and I am sure she would not forget me either.

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