Completing the Square

Mr. Kirkland, 2nd Period, J. Engrassia

A rectangular swimming pool is 8ft deep. One side of the pool is 2.5 times longer than the other. The amount of water needed to fill the swimming pool is 2000 cubic feet. Find the dimension of the pool.

First find the length of the longer side in terms of x. Then, using length x width x height = area.

Then, right the equation for the volume of the pool in the form of ax^2=c by simplifying.

Isolate x^2.

Find square roots.

To figure the width, you know that it cannot be negative so therefore the width or (x) would be 10ft. So to find the length you would plug it into 2.5x with x=10.

Therefore your rectangle swimming pool would be 10 by 25. The smaller dimension being 10 and the larger dimension being 25.

You can check this answer by plugging it into your original formula of (x)(2.5x)(8)=2000.

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