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8th American History

                              Top 10

10.Boston Massacre-Happened on March 5,1770.British men shot and killed five unarmed soldiers.

9.Battle at Bunker Hill-This battle happened on June 17,1775.The British destroyed the Americans and took control of Bunker Hill.The battle was in the city Charlestown,Massachusetts.

8.Bill of Rights-

7.Revolutioanry War-The war between the British and America.The Americans beat the British and won their independence.

6.Boston Tea Party-The British started to tax the Americans because they needed to pay back their debt from the French and Indian war.Tea was one of the main resources they taxed and so the Americans rebelled by throwing tea into the Boston Harbor.

5.Washington's Farewell Address-As Washington was finishing up his term as a president he wrote a document on how to run our country.It said to stay of of foreign affairs and don't form political parties.It is like a cheat sheet to use.

4.Constitution-It is the United States' set of laws and rules that we as people have to follow.

3.Thomas Jefferson-Helped create the Declaration Of Independence and was the 3rd president.He was a founding father and a Democratic-Republican.

2.George Washington-Was the commander and general of the American Army and was later named the 1st president in the United States.He wrote a Farewell Address to show us how to run our country.

1.Declaration Of Independence-A document signed against the British claiming America's freedom and separating from the British.Created by the founding fathers.

           Thomas Jefferson was a very important man in our nations history.He is very well known for helping create the Declaration Of Independence and being our 3rd president.He was one of the founding fathers.He was a great leader and was a democratic-republican.He believed there should be very weak government.Thomas ran in an election against John Adams and lost the first time.Jefferson ran again and this time he was elected.Jefferson believed the country should be regulated by Christianity but not completely taken over by religion.Jefferson only believed Jesus to be a great teacher but not able to perform all the miracles that he did.Adams and Jefferson soon set aside their differences and came together and became the two biggest impacts on the Declaration Of Independence.The people loved him as a leader and he is on the nickel to honor him as well as the two dollar bill.

Timeline of Events

1770-The Boston Massacre.In Boston British soldiers and patriots argued and the British shot and killed 5 patriots.

1773-The Tea Act.The British started to tax Tea to repay their war debt.

1774-Congress meets to declare war on the British.

1775-British marched towards Concord.

1775-The Battle of Bunker Hill.The British had a major victory here.

1776-Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.

1778-Valley Forge.American troops spend harsh winters at Valley Forge.

1777-The Articles of Confederation were written on how to let states keep their power.

1781-The Battle of Yorktown.A big victory for the Americans.

1788-The constitution was written.It is the law.

                                                Paul Revere

    Paul Revere was a part of the minutemen.Minutemen are normal people that live in America but are ready to fight at any given notice.His most famous accomplishment was the Midnight Ride when he alerted all the towns about how they had seen that British were coming.He rode his horse in the middle of the night and yelled ''The regulars are coming the regulars are coming'' over and over again.He was one of the few minutemen that survived this ride and was later captured by the British.He saved many Americans.Paul was born in Boston in 1735.He started out as a silversmith and became a patriot.He had two wives and had eight kids with each of them.Only 11 of them survived.He died in 1818 at the age of 83.He will always have a spot in American History.Rest in piece Paul.


       Today March 5,1770 5 unarmed Patriots were killed by British soldiers at the Boston old state house in front of many people.They were also 6 non-fatal injuries.We must respond to this tragic event and avenge the death of our brothers.They will be honored as brave men who were completely innocent.The British need to pay for this murdering of our brothers.8 soldiers were arrested and charged with murder and they should receive very cruel punishment.This just proved to us how cruel and terrible the British really are.We can no longer bow down to a king who treats us like we are animals.We may be be similar because we are human but we are not the same type of people.

5 dead at the Boston Massacre.

2,000 died at Valley Forge.

56 signed the Declaration of Independence.

226-Number of deaths at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

800-Were wounded at Bunker Hill.

10-rights in the Bill of Rights.

55-delegates signed the Constitution.

25-Number of battles during the Revolutionary War.

1-person harmed in the Boston Tea Party.

27-Amendmants that have been approved for the Constitution


Many major events happened in Philadelphia.It is one of the most important cities in our country's history and also one of the biggest in size.Some of the key events that happened here such as the first continental congress as well as the second.These were some of our first steps into becoming a country and soon declaring war against the British.It was one of the first things our country did together.The Battle of Germantown also occurred here.The British defeated the Americans and maintained the city throughout the winter of 1778-1779.Just outside of Philadelphia was the encampment Valley Forge where American troops spent long,horrific,and starving winters.They had more of a chance dying at Valley Forge then they did in an actual battle.The Articles of Confederation was a document that declared all the 13 colonies as new independent states and was know as the first constitution.Benjamin Franklin lived in Philadelphia as well.He was known as "the first american" and was a Founding Father.He was a very famous newspaper printer and writer in Philadelphia and wrote many articles on how the British were ruining the Americans lives and how hard they were making it for them and he persuaded them to join the fight.Philadelphia has a lot of important history.


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