They see the scars

But they don't ask

Staring for ages

But silence still lasts

They notice the hoodies

And people talk

They glare and snigger

But you just walk

Try to show

That you couldn't care less

But deep inside

Your head is a mess

So you begin to wonder

Why you're still here

Keep asking yourself

Why can't you disappear

Feeling so lost

Longing to be found

Losing all faith

And dropping to the ground

You lift the knife

Up towards your wrist

Press deep into your skin

And think 'would you be missed?'

You can see it's pointless

Losing this war

So you sit in your room

And cry a little more

But stay strong beautiful

Cause things will get better

They cant get much worse

So keep wearing that sweater

Your turn will come

The day you're set free

From all this pain

And misery<3