What is it?

Allusion - an expression to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly; an indirect or passing reference

    Have you ever heard of don't be a scrooge or you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Those are all allusions, and you use them everyday without realizing. Allusions are used a lot of times in literature, T.V. shows, and movies. "Don't be a Scrooge ," is a reference to the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, or "You are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders," is from Greek Mythology, because Atlas actually carries the world on his shoulders.  


"Do not be like Hitler!" - This is referring to that someone is abusing their power or acting like they are in total control.

"It must of rained forty days and forty nights." - It is saying that it felt like it rained forever, because it is referring to the Great Flood and the Noah's Ark.

Examples of Allusion in Books-

In books, Allusion are hidden everywhere in the writing.

Hunger Games- If you looked at the Hunger Games arena it looks almost familiar to a structure in Rome. You can compare the arena to the Roman Colosseum. In the Colosseum gladiators fight to the death to be victories, and in the Hunger Games they fight each other to the death too.

The Maze Runner- In the end of the book the author uses an allusion that sends off the kids are extremely smart. Thomas says that their names are nicknames from geniuses from around the world. That is saying that they have a great, smart mind as Albert Eisenstein and Thomas Jefferson.

Some more References you see in everyday life-

  • The Volkswagen Star Wars Commercial
  • Original George Washington Challenger Commercial

The Allusion to this commercial is that the young boy is using the force like Dark Vader.

                                   Have you learned what an allusion is?

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