Top 10 Reasons for Attending a Virtual Technology Conference (VTC)

10. A great benefit for APCUG-member groups.

9. Presentations by knowledgeable APCUG officers, User Group officers & members, as
well as vendors who support APCUG groups.

8. They're Interactive - You can participate by chatting with other attendees or giving feedback to presenters via the Adobe Connect chat window. That makes them a great way to learn about new things by sharing with your peers.

7. They're uploaded to APCUG’s YouTube channel: You can review them at a later date. Unlike conferences, if you miss something in your notes while attending a webinar, you can just review it again later. The slides are also made available.

6. Use the videos for a meeting: Speaker cancelled or doesn’t show? A VTC video can quickly fill in for a presenter or as a regularly scheduled meeting.

5. Learn new skills. Because VTC topics focus on specific topics, you receive information on the topics that specifically interest you – six different presentations to choose from plus one to help user groups.

4. No geographical boundaries: People can sign up from anywhere in the world. We’ve had attendees from the United States, Canada and Australia.

3. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and your desktop, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone from which to sign on to the webinar. Adobe Connect supports Windows, Mac, Android & iOS.

2. No Travel Required - Unlike attending traditional conferences, you can participate in a VTC from your home wearing your favorite fuzzy slippers. Don’t have time for all sessions, you can attend just one or two.

1. They are free: Free learning? Sign me up. Easy registration via EventBrite.