West Farms Walk

We're going to explore West Farms to get ideas about the type of movie we want to make! Your  mission is as follows:

1.  Watch this short video from a documentary series called Being 12! Then, record your reactions as "replies" in the Edmodo post. What did you think of the video? Could you relate to it at all? How did you feel about the topic? Do you think the filmmakers were effective or ineffective?

2. We're going on a tour of West Farms, which will be an information gathering mission to help inform their topic selection; the goal is to come back with enough ideas for 6 (OR MORE) topics related to the neighborhod. Some possible big ideas could be:

  • How did a specific area change over time?
  • How has the neighborhood changed over time?
  • Is there a specific block or building you want to focus on?
  • What other questions do you have?

3. As you go on your tour, come up with a list of questions to answer and data to collect. Think about these questions:

    • What types of businesses, shops & buildings?
    • What else is in the neighborhood?
    • What do you notice is different or similar about the neighborhood after looking at the older maps?

4. You will work in small groups. Each group will have access to an iPad and a camera. The iPad will be to record your questions. The camera will be to take photos. You will be responsible for recording a total of 10 observations and 6 questions.

5. If you are not going outside, you will take a virtual trip! Go to Google Maps, find the West Farms library, and start with "street view". Start "walking" through the neighborhood. Think about the same questions and record the same observations.

6. When you get back, discuss your questions and observations as a team. Come up with a list of topics you might want to explore. Turn-in your 10 observations, 6 questions, and at least 3 documentary topics to explore. NOTE: Not everyone from your group has to turn in everything; just make sure to list your team members.