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Overview: Did you know that the online business directory blogashop review gets over 27 million monthly unique visits and gets more traffic than and combined? With the power of WordPress, you too can build online directories and profit
from advertising or enhanced listings.
The Opportunity: You can get your own small piece of this pie by using WordPress to create niche online directories. Here are a few ideas of types of directories or portals you could build with WordPress:
Local Business Directories - Build a local directory of businesses in your area.
Niche Business Directories - Why not make a directory of all licenses plumbers in the USA or maybe a directory of doggy day cares?
Your Town Portal - Maybe you make a local online portal for your
hometown. You could add business listings, consumer reviews and maybe even a forum or blog. All of these types of websites can be monetized by selling local ads or placing Google AdSense on them and you can charge listed websites for enhanced listings.
How to Get Started:
As you can tell, the sky is the limit for these type of sites. They can be quite profitable. The easiest way to build a large directory fast is to use the EZ Empire Builder plugin to build sites automatically from Excel databases. This plugin is awesome because it takes content from your Excel or CSV file and creates posts in Wordpress from the data. It even has a built in content spinner to make your content unique from other websites. You will also want a blogashop review  that looks like a directory. There are many out there available that can fit this need including the DirectoryPress theme and the Geo-Places theme. Once your website is built, you can earn income by placing Google AdSense ads, affiliate ads or by selling enhanced listings to businesses in your directory.

Coupon Sites
Overview: Who doesn‟t love a coupon? The answer is nobody! We all like to save money regardless of our financial status in life. This creates a unique opportunity to create a business when you know there is a market. Yes, there are coupon sites already in existence, but there is always a place in the market for someone that can
do something better. This is your opportunity to create a coupon site the right way, the way that you would like to have it done for you. What is even better? It is incredibly easy to do with WordPress!
The Opportunity: Get in on the everyday need to save money by creating a coupon site that creates an opportunity to save money for others, while making money for you!
There are a few different ways that you can do it with the simplest being an affiliate and the most innovative being a local entrepreneur.
The Affiliate: All you have to do in this scenario is go out and find the coupons that you know will be in demand and the companies that want people to use them. Companies will give you a slice of the pie for every coupon that you are able to get someone to use.
The Local Entrepreneur: In this scenario you approach local businesses in your area with the opportunity to offer coupons through your website. They pay you based on either the amount of times that the coupons are used in their store or the flat fee you charge to be listed, the choice is yours.
How to Get Started: First, you must figure out what your approach is going to be and try to figure out how to dig in to the blogashop review . If you are going to be an affiliate then you need to find the websites that pay the best for the least action needed by the party that visits your website. If you are going to be a local entrepreneur you will want to make sure that you know how to insert yourself into the local business pipeline. This could be by introducing yourself through cold “walk-ins” or by sending out mailers to businesses that you think would be interested. The choice is yours, you just have to decide and get started as soon as possible!

Local City Guides
Overview: More and more small businesses are realizing that they need to advertise online. You can give them a place to advertise by creating a local city guide online in your area. You could have a directory of local businesses and organizations, a local event calendar and even a local forum. If your local city guide website gets good search engine traffic, local business will want to advertise on it.
The Opportunity: It has never been easier to setup local city guide websites than it is today with the power of WordPress. There are many great themes and plugins available to turn any WordPress site into an online city guide. In your own WordPress city guide website, you could make it easy to find places to take a date, watch a ballgame or go clubbing. The possibilities are endless if you know how to find the niche and appeal
to your market audience. When you find your target market audience you need to find ways to build around that and find ways to appeal to them in a way that makes it hard for
them to turn away.
How to Get Started: You will need to decide which type of theme and directory you will use by looking in to one of the themes or approaches listed below. Each has a great opportunity for you to easily create the local directory that you need to appeal to local businesses. The Geo-Places Theme gives you the opportunity to offer “featured listings” for businesses that opt to give you a little extra for strategic placements. Most of these tools and resources offer integration with Google Maps or another online map website so the businesses can easily be found by the interested parties. What makes this such a great opportunity is that the themes are easy to use and install so that your website can be up and running for business in no time at all!

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