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Curriculum Focus

PLUS2 Follow up Meeting information.....Next observation will be Jan. 27th.

Who will they visit??? They will  be visiting the same teachers and anyone else who would like to volunteer. I would like to meet one on one with the teachers who were observed last time. Please come see me before Christmas break.

Our Focus? Student cognitive engagement (5.35) and DOK (4.99).  Our goal is to increase by 1 point each.

The LLT wanted to know if students needed to know what level of DOK they were on? The PLUS2 team expressed that  students should know what they are working on. Cylle shared that most of the math standards are DOK2. Also, she stated that in math the best way to increase the DOK is to have the students write. Cylle and Linda discussed how DOK is set in the standard and paired with other standards such as Math Practices.

Linda shared that DOE has provided ELA formative assessment resources available for K and 3rd grade. After Christmas the remaining grade levels will be added.

Component 3c Engaging Students in Learning:

Student engagement may be hands-on, involving physical activity, but more important it should be minds-on, involving intellectual activity.  

Mental engagement is......Mental work & real thinking, not just simple recall of facts.

Activities and assignment - All students are cognitively engaged in the activities and assignments in their exploration of content. Students initiate or adapt activities and projects to enhance their understanding.

Grouping of students - Instructional groups are productive and fully appropriate to the students or to the instructional purposes of the lesson. Students take the initiative to influence the formation or adjustment of instructional groups.

Structure and pacing - The lesson's structure is highly coherent, allowing for reflection and closure. Pacing of the lesson is appropriate for all students.

Important Information

Calling all imaginators. If you are willing to act out a story for the Imaginator show on Dec. 19th please let me know. :) or else I will be piking Lora Frowert!

Hour of Code...The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Our School will be participating in this event all week. Please get with Glenn or John if you need more information.

This Week....

Monday: 3rd-5th Dance Team Practice; Chorus


Wednesday: Imaginators are due to your LLT; Faculty Meeting; Fine Arts Night @ 6

Thursday: Fire Drill

Friday: Christmas Party; Leader of the Month

Coming Up...

Monday, Dec. 15th:   

Tuesday, Dec. 16th: MTSS Team B; K-Kids; SAC 2:15

Wednesday, Dec. 17th: Leader Landing; LLT Meeting

Thursday, Dec. 18th: Leader Landing

Friday, Dec. 19th:   Imagainators at 8 am in the cafeteria

Happy Birthday


If student groups are heterogeneous in terms of skill, how do you prevent the more advanced students from feeling bored or from doing all the work themselves?

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