Spanish Colonial Priest

Life as a Spanish colonial priest

Life as a Spanish colonial priest isn't all too bad. Recently the Spanish empire is growing and growing rapidly. Things are changing and all sorts of new people are coming and going. For starters the land that we recently explored and conquered was very good. We are still working to find gold, but it’s coming along fairly well.

The growing empire

At the time we have captured fallen refugees of the Native descent and we have most of them working for us. Meanwhile, we have also began to teach and possibly convert them into Catholics. In this case that's why we created “missions”. This was made to help, protect and teach the here by Natives.

Some of the key points of the “missions” was that we provided a food source. For some of the Natives that were being attacked by other Spanish “slave owners”. When we created the idea of “missions” our goal is to teach and hopefully to convert the Natives to Catholicism and to also provide food.. But come to find out that the poor Natives that were captured and put to work were actually being executed due to overworking in the dry fields and or being pushed to extreme measures.

This is a traveling priest and his servant heading to do their "missions" work

Hear this; this is one of the dilemmas I think about everyday that one of my fellow priests brings by my mind everyday is the thought of “my true faith”. This man goes by the name of Bartolomé de Las Casas. He tells me about how if we claim to believe in God and want to preach his word we should be true on it as well. He also showed me a bible verse “Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God” (Romans 2:3)

In which this was the verse that lit my path. Las Casas thought of the idea that we as priests are being hypocrites- we are telling these people (the Native Americans) things about a better life with Christ and trying to get them to trust and believe, when not only that, but also we’re providing the small important things for them. Meanwhile, we’re still keeping them enslaved and forcing them to do harsh and grueling work that we could do for ourselves.

It really influenced the way I saw what I’m doing and what my job is. Soon after Las Casas informed me, he then began to free his slaves and started to protest against the other priests that own and mistreat slaves.

This really was a high part for me though. I knew I loved what I do and somewhat the way I lived, but the way Las Casas told it to me was totally different, but true. It put me almost at a part where I was either going to have to lose, but be true to my faith, or chose to be hypocritical.

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