Writing an Email After a Job Interview

Of course every hiring manager is different, but a strong follow up could be the deciding factor between two candidates.  Follow these tips.

1.  Pick Up Business Cards for Each Person that You Meet at Your Interview

It is crucial that you send a thank you note to each person that you meet with, and spell their names correctly.  Having their cards ensures that you will have their correct contact information.  You never know who will be the deciding vote.  Also email the HR contact who first communicated with you and assisted you in setting up the interview.

2. Send it Within 24 Hours of your Interview

3. Take a Look at Your Post-Interview Notes

Make it personal, they interviewed a lot of candidates the same day they talked to you, so add a personal touch that will stand out to them and make them remember who they talked to and who is emailing them.

4. Restate Your Contact Information

5. Don't Be Nervous, Just Write

Make your points, and be genuine.  Review it or even ask a friend to review it and them send it.

22% of Hiring Managers are Less Likely to Hire Someone if they Neglect to Send a Thank You Note.  It is very Important-so Just do it!