Aircraft leasing- a feasible option or not!

Aircraft leasing is an important decision and before making such an important purchase, you should consider whether buying it will be a better option or not. If you have a lot of traveling to do, but do not want to purchase an aircraft but want it to be at your disposal when and where required, try leasing one. Leasing an aircraft is similar to leasing a limousine, BMW or any other luxury car. The principle concept of the lease is same with the aircraft and the only difference is that the luxury extends to the sky and air travelling.

The leasing of an aircraft can be categorized into different types. Some people lease it on the basis of usage, while others lease it for number of hours. The leasing may or may not include fuel and the cabin crew. If you have a pilot of your own, you can lease the aircraft without a pilot. You can also lease the cabin crew. Some people are only interested in aircraft leasing and others are interested in leasing the aircraft along with the fuel and the crew. You can select the option that suits most to your situation.

You can lease an aircraft on the basis of hours of usage or on the basis of time. The hour usage means that you can use the aircraft for a number of hours specified in your lease agreement. The number of hours may or may not have an expiry date and you can only utilize the aircraft leasing agreement till the time agreed on. The second basis is of the time. It means that you have leased the aircraft for a particular amount of time. It does not matter whether you use it or not, but after the expiration of that amount of time the lease will expire.

Aircraft leasing with fuel and cabin crew will cost you more if you already have a pilot amongst your group. The crew members of an aircraft are usually included in the lease agreement and if you have a known pilot and think that it will cost you less, you can always get an aircraft without the crew members. Along with the crew members, there are also times when you can lease an aircraft with or without fuel. If you are leasing an aircraft with fuel, the responsibility if getting it filled falls upon the owner company of the aircraft. If you are leasing it without fuel, it becomes your responsibility. You should always measure the distance that you are planning to travel and get it filled accordingly.

An important part of aircraft leasing is finding the right company to make the deal with. You have to ensure that the people you are dealing with are trustworthy and are offering you a price that is worthy of the services and utility you will get from them. This is a very competitive market so you can expect to get some interesting offers and discounts. Make sure you do your research well before finalizing on the lease-partner. can be a good place to start looking.

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