K-12 Mobile Apps

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If the class I am going to teach is a K12 Art class, I think that I would make use of the following Apps to engage students:

MoMa: This app gives the possibility to students to visit the Museum of Modern Art through digital tours. It also allows students to research materials, read artists' biography, and engage in mini-lessons (Edudemic 2012). I think that it would be a valuable learning experience for students to be able to have access to the Museum of Modern Art at any time and anywhere. They can see works of art that they would not be able to view anywhere else. It widens the possibility of learning.Teachers can use this App anytime when they are introducing a new art concept or teaching art history.

Musee du Louvre: Similar to the MoMa app but this time Musee du Louvre is a Museum in Europe. The Louvre provides virtual tours, videos, presentations and high-resolution pictures of Old Masters ‘Art works (Edudemic 2012). Again, I believe that students that are interested in Art History and Art would benefit from the possibility to view works, videos and presentations from one the most recognized and world’s largest museums without having to be there in person. It would also give students a possibility to expand their understanding and views outside NorthAmerica. Teachers can use this App anytime when they are introducing a new art concept or teaching art history.

Art: This App provides information, images, bios, quizzes, trivia about 204 highly regarded artists (Edudemic 2012). I believe that this App is a must for students since they can use it as a resource for inspiration and as reference guide for their own art work. An example of its use could be that the teacher assigns a project regarding Abstract Art and asks the students to research influential Abstract artists and their work. Secondly, the students have to create abstract paintings and have to reflect on how the artists they searched about influenced the development of their paintings.

Art Envi Deluxe: This App allows students to create their own digital exhibition (Edudemic 2012) since exhibitions are one of the main methods for showcasing and assessing finished artworks, being able to have the choice to create a digital exhibition would minimize the space problem of finding a suitable place in the school and would also give the students a different kind of experience. An example of its use could be that the teachers and students decide together to create a digital exhibition of their final artworks. This exhibition will be assessed on both the technical use of the App and the quality of the art works.

MyHomework: This App helps students organize their school schedule and reminds them about upcoming assignments, exams, projects and so on (Edudemic 2012). I believe being organized and being reminded about upcoming tests and due dates can improve a student school performance especially for those students that have difficulties with organization. An example of its use could be that students are encouraged by the teacher to write down the due date of their upcoming assignment in MyHomework and therefore they will be reminded by the App of approaching deadlines.

Flash Cards Deluxe: This App helps students study and re-study concepts by using on-line flashcards. Students can test what they know and find out what they should review. This can be a very useful app to help students consolidate their learning. The benefits of this app are also in the fact that students can store their Flash Cards and easily find them for editing or for review of the material. It is useful anytime in the classroom and for home study.

QuizyCards: It has all the benefits of FlashCards but also allows teachers to ask students to download specific quizzes about the material the students are learning; this would help the instructor assess the students’ comprehension and knowledge in an informal way.


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