The Khan academy Surface tablet app

The Khan academy app for a Surface Tablet is a great app used for helping students with their homework. They have help for almost every subject, including math, astronomy, social studies ext.. You can type in questions, and or download helpful videos which can help explain things for students! Best of all, it's free, so very accessible to students.

                                   Flashcard pro surface tablet app!

Flashcard pro for the Surface Tablet is a great app for educational use. One can use this app to learn any subject ranging from alphabets to competitive testing. It helps with memorizing as well as learning a new language. It has 14 languages built in with flashcards ready to use. The range of levels and grades they have makes the app accessible from students from k through 12. You can build your own flashcards, or use the ones the have available for you. It is a great tool to help study and learn new languages and subjects. Once again, this app is free and also accessible for use on an iphone and ipad.

                                               Alphabet writing!

This app is amazing for the teaching students the alphabet. It is an easy, child friendly, paper free way to teach children the alphabet. The use of fun animations and kid friendly background make it more appealing for the kids. They students can trace letter and choose their own colors to do so! For a young child, creating your own letter with your own colors can be a great way to motivate them to learn how to write and recognize colors! I believe this app is beyond the behaviorist type educational games because it is fully centered around education with fun animation added around the original plan, not the other way around. I love this app, and once again it is free which I think is important because as a teacher I would not want to suggest an app that would cost their parents money. It must easier if its free and accessible.

Geo master plus!

Social studies can be a bore for so many students, so why not make it fun?! this app is a app that helps teach geography. It includes world maps where you can pin point an area and choose which on it is. It also allows you to focus on one country and the provinces/states that are inside them. It is an in depth game that allows for the learnin gof where things are and I feel that its an amazing way you can play with your students in order to get the lesson across. It also includes a flag game where you need to punch in which is which. It is based on a points average, and with every answer you answer correctly, you gain a point. This can motivate children and students to become excited about social studies and geography which can be challenging!


Math wizard is a great game that helps kids practice their mental math skills.. It uses a series of 15 questions, randomly picked which includes money counting, clock/time knowledge, a "quick count" which includes bundles of tens and singles and they must quicly count how many sticks are there and finally times tables. It is a great way to keep them mentally working on their math skills  while associating it to real life. By using money and the clock it helps them make the association that math is useful in the real world and it might motivate them to learn it. It is also great that they have them randomly ordered so that it is not like a snap times table which can get the students thinking robotically, but instead each question is different and activates the brain every time.

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