Rust Belt International

One Man's Adventure in to the Great Postindustrial Centers of the World

A Plan is the First Part of the Journey

02JAN13 - Today I begin planning the first steps in my overly-ambitious personal desire to explore (with guidance) the world's former industrial powerhouses. I've spent the better half of the last four years dedicated to learning as much about our own Rust Belt cities, towns, and countryside as I could; I'm enthralled to push forward in to the international arena, and soak up as much as I can.

Step One involves the Passport process, location and date selections, and travel arrangements for - at the very least - Adventure #1. While I am doing a lot of independent research, I welcome you to help me design my adventure by making suggestions, sharing stories of your own travels around the globe, and pointing me to other helpful resources if you'd be so kind.

I have given some pretty deep thought to the first stop, and I think - unless convinced otherwise - it will be the Ruhr Valley in Germany. There are simply too many historical correlations, amazing economic advances, and positive comments from other travelers to pass it up.

Furthermore, at the the suggestion of the truly most unmiserable Clevelander, Gina Prodan, I have decided to try my hand at documenting this project - from start to finish - right here on Cleveland's best hope for a true international social media sensation: Tackk. So, I ask for your forgiveness as I stumble through learning the ins and outs of this platform; I'm more of an "offline" kinda guy, so these things can take some time.

If you should have a suggestion about how I might better document this whole process to make it more enjoyable for you to follow, please contact me using the form below or leave a comment on this page.

Until Next Time,

Jack Storey

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