"Supra Omnem Potentiam"      
meaning "Power Over All"

White: Representing the innocence of our salvation the Jabberwocky.

Black: Showing how powerful our nation and its protector is.

Blue: Representing the stability of our wonderful nation.

The Greek laurel wreath represents victory and how our country will work hard to fight for our country.

Constitution of Sevandart

Constitution of Sevandart


The name of this country will be Sevandart.


The purpose of this country is to provide a safe place for people to live peacefully amongst each other and express themselves.. Our countrys main goal is to be a peaceful place where our citizens can live. We will continue to allow our citizens to have freedom. We will make sure to keep most of our citizens educated


To be a citizen in Sevandart you must be born in the country itself. If you are a foreigner from a different country you must be willing to allow your citizenship from your previous country to be revoked. You are not allowed to have your citizenship from a previous country returned under any circumstances. To earn citizenship you must be willing to pass a course of test and promise your complete loyalty to the country.


Our leader of this country is Stewart. The leader will decide whether or not a law will be enforced. They will also create most laws and the public has no part in voting on a law. To become elected as leader you must be selected by the current leader themselves.


Our government helps decide how the law will be enforced and the possible outcomes of the law.


Some of the major laws will be:

  1. Do not say or do anything that is or can be offensive to the leader.
  2. If you are a lower class citizen you must pay for school or any other form of education.
  3. You are not allowed to have double citizen from any other countries. If you do your other citizenship will automatically be revoked and are not allowed to get it back.
  4. If you live in Sevandart then you must be completely loyal to the country and can not leave unless exiled or banished.
  5. To have higher paying, more complex jobs you must have a full education meaning you must go through primary and secondary school.
  6. Public exhibition and inappropriate gestures are not allowed outside of a home.
  7. Any person(s) involved in a ungraceful manner will automatically be prosecuted.
  8. All citizens are mandated to be immersed into a country sponsered organized religion.
  9. All homes personally owned must be guarded by yourself and any crimes against your home will not be involved with law enforcers.
  10. All citizens must enroll in the nations organized health care program.


Our education would be limited to those who are wanting to advance further into the working/business class. Higher class citizens will not need to pay while lower class citizens will need to pay to receive any form of education higher than primary school. There are no colleges in Sevandart because the citizens will already know what they need to know after secondary school. Those who wish to not further their education will automatically be put to work for a simple or factory job.


Our flag has the Greek laurel wreath which stands for victory. Half of it is white to show innocence as our county is showing by not having much criminal or disapproving actions, the other half is black to represent power showing we are not a weak country and will stand strong.


Here in Sevandart we follow the Jabberwocky.

Figurehead: Jabberwocky

Our Salvation, protecting us from the Enemy Outside our Border with our founder on his back.

Characteristics and Abilities

The Jabberwocky has many skills such as the ability to fly and breathe fire. He is also very skilled in tracking and hunting. He has sharp claws and teeth and a long strong tail.

The Story of Our Guardian

The Jabberwocky was a beast who roamed the forest outside of what is now Sevandart. He would protect the land that he claimed as his and did not allow trespassers to enter. One day a traveler was in search of a place to build a city and stumbled upon his forest. The traveler ventured into the forest unaware of the great creature that live in it. As she continued through the woods she saw a giant gap in the very center of the woodlands and decided it would be a great place to build a large city as the gap had miles of land. Eventually the Jabberwocky had discovered the woman that had entered his territory and went to find her. Once he had found her he had planned on scaring her away but his plan had failed as she just stood staring at him in amazement. He had told her that she must leave and should not have entered in the first place. She had explained why she came to begin with and about her dreams of the future city she wanted to build. The Jabberwocky was interested but not enough to let her stay. That is until she mentioned that she had wanted a figure to represent new country. She then stated that if she could use the land then he could be the one to represent the entire county and be worshiped. He questioned the offer at first not knowing if it was true but then agreed at the thought of being loved by so many people. As the city was being built he decided to continue to protect the land from intruders and other unwanted guest. Once the nation was almost fully built more and more people wanted to live there so he allowed them in knowing that these people were going to be the ones to begin to worship him.The city was eventually complete and he continued to protect the city and its people from the dangers outside.

National Anthem

Though we are small we are but a mighty nation

Our people strive for innocence to gain power

Though the stars have a conspiracy against our nation

We still stand mighty and strong

As our inspiration grows as will our country

We will stand as united and powerful

As there are stars in the sky

Propaganda Posters

Ministry of Love

Room 101

This room is most only used for rehabilitation. In this room we help the lawbreaker understand what they did wrong. it is used when someone is trying to help the one they love even when they are not suppose to. There are a set of different rooms incase one is full or for different crimes. The citizen would be asked questions and if they would not answer, simple motivation tactics would be used so they will answer properly. These special methods of questioning would be used to have the culprit tell all the information needed. Some of the methods used involve some sleep management, difficult positions and other refined interrogation techniques. These methods do not cause any permanent damage to the person that the tactic is being used on. The techniques are used if there is no cooperation or if the information given is not enough. The methods are simple and work well for interrogations. The techniques are used to a certain limits so no harsh damage comes to the individuals. Each person is different therefore each tactic used is specifically for that person so they will give the information faster with not much harm and no permanent damage coming to the individual. Once the information is given and collected the method is immediately stopped and the homosapien may exit the room peacefully. If the information is not given then the interrogation is continued until the information is given up. People are only taken to room 101 if the crime they did was bad enough or the information they have is truly needed. Otherwise they would be taken to a much simpler interrogation and released after the information was given. The tactics are get what information is needed and always work and is not responsible for any effects afterwards once released.

Propaganda Video

By: Allison Sebby & Isabell Beltran