Appalachian Plateau

By: Sarah Paschal

Do you love beauty? What about a great place for fun and entertainment? Do you want a place your business can thrive? Do you love learning about history and the past? Do you want a place to make memories with your family? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Appalachian Plateau is the place for you!

What is There to Do?

-Physical Features

One of the most visited tourist attractions in all of north Georgia is Lookout Mountain.  Lookout Mountain is a breathtaking and truly unbelievable example of the beauty that is in nature. If you are traveling and looking for memories this is definitely the place to make them.  Lookout Mountains has over 30 miles of hiking trails, and many of these trails were traveled by native Americans on the hunt, settlers building lives, and even soldiers who died in battle.  Not only is this destination rich in beauty, but it rich in history as well. Come visit us here and find your breath truly taken away by the serene views and kind people in the Appalachian Plateau.

Lookout Mountain is located in Walker County, GA, but it is located in other parts of the surrounding states as well.  The mountain's highest point is located along the eastern summit, where it reaches an elevation of 2,393 feet. This feature's main benefit to the economy is the tourism it promotes.

Another well known attraction in the Appalachian plateau region is Cloudland Canyon.  Cloudland Canyon is well known for its many hiking trails and scenic views.  It's only partly located in Georgia, and part goes into Tennessee. Its a popular for place for tourists and plays a big part in this region's economy.  Its located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain, and the elevation varies from 800-1,980 feet.


Dade County is a place full of history and beautiful views.  It can date back to before 1837 and is well known today. It is isolated by many mountain ridges and no paved roads give easy access, which means there are many breathtaking scenic areas and paths.  Many people now call it home and you should go see what it has to offer as well. Dade county is named for the U.S. Army Major Francis Langhorne Dade, a Virginian who was stationed in central Florida to help enforce the treaty that ended the First Seminole War.

Businesses and Industry

The Appalachian Plateau is home to a variety of businesses.  Due to its many mountain-like features, mining pays a key role in the economy of this region.  The main resource being coal, which is found in abundance because of a large coal field located there.  Unlike the other regions, agriculture is not common in the Appalachian Plateau because of the poor soil.  Finally, due its scenic areas and attractions, tourism is very high in this area.  Places such as Lookout Mountain, Rock City, Cloudland Canyon, and many other state parks are common spots visited by tourists, and great places to make memories.

Geography and Weather

The geography of the Appalachian plateau is very unique to the other regions.  It is very rocky and there are many steep cliffs and hills, but unlike on the mountains there are also flat tops on these cliffs which are what makes them plateaus. Some common physical features are Lookout Mountain and Cloudland Canyon, along with some other high cliffs and peaks.  The weather is fairly temperate, which means it does get cold, but not for long, in the winter, and it does get hot in the summer but usually not for long.  The temperatures are not usually very intense, and if they are its not for a large period of time.  However, in the higher elevations the temperatures can get colder.  The rain fall is usually fairly average with the acception of the higher elevation where it can get dry.

Why Should I Go There?

If your looking to start a business or move your company to another area, the Appalachian Plateau is a great place to do it.  This area is located in the TAG region, which means it touches Tennessee and Alabama.  This makes traveling to different companies in different states much easier. Plus, there are many different industries in this region that can help with running a company, such as an abundance of coal. Your company would not have to pay as much for the shipment of coal because of how close the coal mines are to your business. Also, this region is a great place for employees to work and thrive.  Counties, such as Dade County, are known for their kind, family atmosphere that your workers will love.  There are plenty of places and things for them to do and see, making them want to live in this region.  The weather is very temperate, meaning you do not often have to worry about freezing temperatures for long in the winter or the opposite in the summer.  

Come visit us for a day, or maybe even a lifetime!