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Prince Edward Island


Prince Edward Island, also known as P.E.I, is an island and the smallest province in Canada. There are many fun things you can do here that you may not be able to do when you're not near big bodies of water.

Like in the past, you can fish for some cod, or go and catch some lobsters. You can catch these animals, simply by fishing off the coast or going on a boat, and pay for a fare.

It may be a rural area but there are many things to see here, a place for good vacation. You can go to the beach, visit the Green Gables farmhouse which can never be found anywhere else except Cavendish, P.E.I. Of course, there also other things that you can do here, like learning about the culture and people who have been here.

-Cavendish's Shining Waters Waterpark-

Physical Region

Climate here is what you would get if you're at the Maritimes. During the year the highest temperature you would probably get would only be 23 degrees Celsius in the months of July and August ( Weather being wet since most of the days here, there would be rain, and more rain. (Snow during the Winter)

Prince Edward Island's landscapes are rolling hills, forests that are well taken care of, nice clean beaches that have white sand, and the red soil that this province is known for. There are some low cliffs that you can see near the coasts/bodies of water. Some small and shallow rivers/streams can also be found.

Along with the rich red soil, lots of plants, vegetables and fruits are planted here. Summer and Autumn would be the season that would have the most vegetation planted and ready, while during the Spring you may still get some fruits like fresh apples available. (, P.E.I Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables)

One of the types of rocks that can be found here is a sedimentary rock. There are many minerals, like sand, silt, and gravel that has been compressed in a body of water to make a sedimentary rock. Especially since Prince Edward Island's bedrock is also made out of sedimentary.

Map of Prince Edward Island and the different places you can go to/see.

Human Activities

Due to this province being a great tourist attraction, there are many things you can do. From sports like golfing to water sports like canoeing, fishing on land or boat. If you want to pick some fruits, I suggest you come during the Summer months. Most will grow by at that time, and seasons after there probably wouldn't be anymore left, or they're probably stored somewhere by the farmers.

Picking fruits here is a great thing to do, since there's rich red soil, the fruits and vegetables wouldn't be like anywhere else. Fishing would also be enjoyed here since you can fish both on land and on water by going on a ferry, and travel to the rough waves of the ocean.

Taking a boat, you can go around the ocean, or go fishing!

Climate change

There may be some changes in the waters. Due to climate change, the water levels are getting higher and higher which can cause major flooding if there is heavy rain occurring regularly. Floods from the rising water levels can ruin homes, cottages and buildings where people stay at.

Which may happen since storms (and storm surges) are coming more frequently. This may impact tourist attractions like water parks because of storms, impacting the time of kids playing in the water.

(info from, Climate Change)

A cottage one of the things that may be impacted if there is going to be high-level waters.

Natural disasters

A natural disaster that occurs often, is a hurricane, especially if it's hurricane season which is usually during the Summer. Hurricanes begin as a tropical storm and the waters have a lot of moisture. Although once the moisture evaporates it rises the hot moisture air goes in a twist and the winds move in a certain direction. Later on making an eye. In the center of the hurricane, winds can reach up to 200 km/h.

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