The Appalachian Mountains

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The Appalachian Region of Canada is undoubtedly one of the calmest, prettiest, and most peaceful places in Canada. With serene cities, mild weather, and breathtaking coastlines, it is an unrivaled vacation spot for any Canadian or other. Here are some details on why this is the perfect spot in the entirety of our country to relax and unwind.


The Appalachian is a very old region, with tired rolling hills and ancient, towering cliffs. The rocks are mostly sedimentary and igneous bed rock, with the mountains measuring at about 300-500 million years old. This is the reason for their relatively short stature and flat tops. Weathering and erosion have caused them to round out and shrink over time, by loosening and removing sediment on their tops. This area of Canada is comparable to the northern parts of Europe, as the Maritimes used to connected to areas like Scotland, and was a central part of the super-continent Pangaea. The age of this area makes its geological history insanely complicated, with different things happening over many different eras. Currently, the Appalachian region is made up of many islands spread around the Atlantic Ocean, with some other nearby major bodies of water including the Gulf of the St Lawrence, the popular Bay of Fundy, and the naturally wonderful Iceberg Alley. 

Climate and Weather

Being close to water, this area has a relatively mild climate. This is because the nearby ocean heats up during the summer, but then releases the heat during the winter, warming it up. It then cools down after losing it's heat, but once again heats up after spring. Because it is getting warmer, it cools down the air around it to reach equilibrium and the cycle continues. This area is not too far north in contrast to the rest of Canada. The majority of this area is only slightly above sea level and this therefore doesn't change it's climate too much. The nearby water also exposes the area to the gulf stream ocean current, which comes from the south, meaning it makes the area a tad warmer. Elevation cools down this area because it is mainly mountainous, but not so much because they aren't insanely tall. Relief plays its part as there are mountains, but not as much as areas like the Rockies. Wind and air masses aren't the biggest problem because the area is not that flat either. Precipitation wise, this area is pretty wet because of its nearness to water and relief.


The east coast of Canada is not only geologically and physically beautiful, it is also naturally one of the prettiest places you can go in North America. There is a massive variety of sea and land birds, freshwater animals, and some forest dwelling creatures. To be specific, one can find beavers, moose, many different fish and whales including trout, Atlantic salmon, and humpback whales and more. Another great part of traveling to the Maritime region is the diversity of animals because of the many different areas one can travel to. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island are obviously all similar, but they also have many differences. On top of this, there are many smaller islands and areas that are less famous but just as charming as the bigger parts.

Vegetation and Soil

Vegetation in this region of Canada includes many beautiful blooming flowers and grasses in the valleys and flatter parts of the region, but it consists primarily of hearty coniferous and some deciduous forests. These trees are strong and resilient, and they need to be to sprout in the harsh, as the soil is at times leached from heavy rainfall, and mountain soil isn't usually the most nutritious. However, the many lakes and rivers provide many minerals, so places where they are near, such as valleys, tend to have a wide variety of different flora. The Appalachian is not an ideal area for farming because of the many mountains, forests, and bodies of water nearby, however the soil itself can be coaxed to grow some edible plants, such as apples, pears, but peaches, plums, and cherries aren't usually tough enough to withstand the elements here. Small fruits do thrive here however, so blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and more can be grown. Vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers do work, and even sweet potatoes have been experimented with, but a short growing season makes them less than ideal. These are just some soil and vegetation considerations one should make when planning to visit. 

Landscape Features

Atlantic Canada is known for its open waters and stunning scenery, and even without all the other great things they have, the scenery itself would be reason enough to make the trek there. Flat topped mountains, rolling hills, multi-hued cliffs, and much more provides for a visually dazzling view of the best of what Canada has to offer. Primarily, the Appalachian is made up of low and old mountains, but over time rivers have gouged out deep valleys and trenches between them. There is however some reasonably flat land if you look hard enough for them, and they would also be very rewarding. The quiet unnoticed forests are beautiful and lively, albeit rare. Rocky cliffs overlooking oceans and bays are also present and are usually a fantastic sight. Overall, it is a beautiful place with many different things to see.

People, Activities, and Opportunities

Not only is the Appalachian a gorgeous place, it is also a very lively place. It may seem slow or boring, but actually having the experience of seeing wild whales in their natural habitat cannot be matched by much else. Even something as simple as icebergs can be fascinating. Iceberg Alley is a part of this region that undoubtedly something that would be practically impossible to find anywhere else in our country. Seeing giant blocks of ice crashing through the waves and occasionally even shedding parts of their armour off is really a lot more exciting than it sounds. And it sounds pretty amazing to me. Even the larger cities like St. John have their own little bit of charm that is hard to find elsewhere. The bright coloured, asymmetrical shacks of houses outlined by the large lighthouses and buildings is simply amazing. However, even with the the cliffs, the bays, the whales and the national parks and all else, the best and easiest thing to do, is naturally, just to relax.

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