Apparao Mukkamala

Award Winning Medical Professional

About Apparao Mukkamala

As chairman of the department of radiology at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala makes good use of his training and skills in all matters pertaining to radiologic imaging and medicine. Previously, he served as vice chief of medical staff at Hurley Medical Center, where his work was recognized with a Hurley Medical Center Pinnacle Award. A respected practitioner, Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala has also received the State of Michigan Distinguished Citizen Award, the American Medical Association's Dr. Nathan Davis International Award in Medicine, and the Clement A. Alfred Humanitarian Award.

When not attending to his many professional responsibilities at Hurley Medical Center, Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala devotes time and resources to philanthropic endeavors like Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD), where he serves as treasurer. In addition, he and his wife, Dr. Sumathi Mukkamala established Chinmaya Vijaya Orphanage, an all-girls orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India. Dr. Mukkamala has also served as president of Chinmaya Mission West, and co-founded NRI Medical College and General Hospital in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Recognizing Outstanding Global Physicians

Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala, a clinical professor of radiology at Michigan State University and chairman of the Department of Radiology at the Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, established NRI Medical College and General Hospital in his former home state of Andhra Pradesh, India. For his efforts in this endeavor, Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala earned the Dr. Nathan Davis International Award in Medicine in 2009.

The Dr. Nathan Davis International Award in Medicine is given to physicians whose contributions reach global patient populations and positively influence these populations’ standard of medical care. Physicians who receive this award embody the profession’s spirit of leadership and service by offering patients outside of the United States the best in treatment and education.

The American Medical Association grants the award through a nomination process. Winners receive a $2500 gift and travel expenses so that they can attend the awards ceremony.

The Social Programs of CORD USA, Inc.

Board-certified radiologist Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala is a firm supporter of non-profit organizations around the globe. Serving in leadership roles for a variety of charitable entities, Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala holds the position of treasurer with CORD USA, Inc., an organization that promotes health and education initiatives.

Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development, also known as CORD, maintains divisions in the United States and India. The organization aims to empower individuals through the use of sustainable social help programs. Through active participation by supporters and followers, CORD seeks to create a ripple effect that will sustain the efforts of the organization.

CORD’s programs range from early childhood development to rehabilitation services. Its rehabilitation program integrates holistic practices and gives disabled individuals access to fair education and employment. The organization also works with policy influencers to advocate for disability regulations, such as accessibility standards. Additionally, the group is passionate about fighting social injustice. To combat such issues as alcoholism, violence, and child abuse, CORD provides informal legal counsel and support groups. These services, establish justice and protection among citizens and victims.

The NRI Academy of Sciences' Nonprofit Hospital and Specialist Centers

A board-certified radiologist, Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala has served the Hurley Medical Center in a number of leadership positions since 1989. Additionally, Dr. AppaRao Mukkamala was one of the founders and has served as president of NRI Academy of Sciences (NRIAS).

With a general hospital, specialist center, medical college, and nursing school, NRIAS educates and prepares new generations of Indian physicians to serve the medical needs of their communities and around the world. The nonprofit, 750-bed general hospital and medical college is based in Andhra Pradesh, India, and offers specialty services like ophthalmology, transfusion medicine, and psychiatry, in addition to general medical care. The general hospital also hosts a free medical camp at least once ever year for the community’s poor residents.

NRIAS specialist centers include a state-of-the-art heart center and research institute with the most accomplished cardiac center in the region, in addition to urology and neurology departments.

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