Apple Watch – An Overview

Finally, you have an iDevice to grace your wrists. The Apple Watch has been launched and it is one of Apple’s most exciting products launched till date! The product took some time to come in the market, but it’s worth the wait.

A Short Review

Apple's targeting this watch mainly at the fashion market, especially people who love to sport watches on their hands. The smart-watch market is yet to take off in this smartphone plagued market so, Apple’s current consumer targeting is apt and feasible for the company.


The Apple Watch will be retailing in about six different versions: the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch - Sport and the Apple Watch - Edition. Each model which will in two sizes for thicker or slimmer wrists.

Look wise, it looks like a brilliant fusion of the iPod Nanoandthe iPhone 6 yet very aesthetically design. It is rounded and has a curved back, but it is slightly heavy.


The Digital Crown on the watch acts as a scroll wheel that helps you to zoom in and out of the watch’s interface.

Tapping the dial sends you back and forth the home screen and helps you to interact with various apps.

It hasn’t been designed to act as a health band, but it does help you track your heartbeat with a heart rate monitor.

It also comes with the ability for payment of things with the help of Apple’s payment portal – Apple Pay. All you have to do is to hold the TouchID verification to confirm your identity and the payment will be done in a snap!

The Verdict

The Apple Watch is definitely a purchase any Apple fanboy would like to couple with their iPhone 6 to enhance their Apple ecosystem.

However, the hefty price of the device (£299 for its 38mm variant and £339 for the 42mm variant) will make it difficult to ascertain its success in the market since people would think twice before investing this kind of money into a watch like device.

The exact date of release is unknown. However, pre-orders will begin from April.

It is however a very welcome move from Apple to enter into the wearable device market to pit heads against other brands like Samsung and Motorola who already have such devices retailing in the market.