All those Apps

Timer, Timer, Timer....keeps you in the loop

Timer Loop - order multiple timers and play them in sequence. This app is perfect when you want students to rotate through centers or stations. Create your loop, start it, and have it appear on the projector. You are now free to walk around and facilitate learning without having to remember to reset the timer every few minutes.

Type documents, emails or essays without touching the keyboard

Voice Recognition - a great speech-to-text tool. Perfect for struggling readers/writers, ELL students, and students who have difficulty with fine motor skills. They can just speak into their microphone and dictate what they would like typed. Take advantage of special voice commands to add punctuation and more.

Loupe Collage

Loupe Collage- Upload your own pictures and create a collage of all different shapes, sizes, characters for your classroom, students, or campus. You are able to upload photos from your computer, social media, google, or online storage sites.

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