AppSmash Lesson:
Connecting Spanish, Art and Geography

by Joe McCright, Spanish & Tech teacher


Showcasing Latin American artists by appsmashing.

My goal was to create an engaging activity for my elementary Spanish students.  Part of any good World Language curriculum includes activities about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.  Another: the geography of the Spanish-speaking world.

STEP 1:  A simple "artists of Latin America" search gave me names of artists.  That led me to search for images of their work.  I saved images that were appropriate for elementary school students.

STEP 2:  Using Jigsaw Planet I created jigsaw puzzles of the artworks.

STEP 3:  Using Thinglink, I uploaded a map of Latin America and attached links to the jigsaw puzzles in the countries where the artist lives/creates.

STEP 4:  Tackk allows users to embed the URL of Thinglink so I embedded the Thinglink with the map of Latin America and links to jigsaw puzzles.

STEP 5:  I always give my Tackks a customized title so students, their families, my colleagues and my Professional Learning Community can more easily find them.  Moreover I always tag my Tackks with my last name - again, so they are more easily found by my "tribe".

STEP 6:  Tackk allows users to send messages directly the Tackk creators.  I invited viewers to send me suggestions for more art from Latin America.  

STEP 7:  Sharing is caring, right?!?  I shared this Tackk via Schoology, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter here and here and here and here.

You may send questions using the form at the bottom of this Tackk.

BONUS BACKGROUND:  My students used this in several ways.

1.  They did puzzles on laptops and tablets.

2.  They did puzzles in front of the class on our Interactive (Smart) board.

3.  Students took 20-second turns to work on the puzzle in front of peers.  The other students and I counted up or down in Spanish to keep track of time.

4.  When the puzzle was done, I asked questions in Spanish and students answered questions in Spanish about the images.  Where is the arm/head/hand?  What color is this/that?  Show me something red/blue.

Educators:  You can do this

Click and find jigsaw puzzles that show art from Latin America.

ThingLink example: Artists of Latin America

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2 years ago

@susanoxnevad @soxnevad1 Check out this awesome ThingLink + Tackk example from @mccright. 😊

2 years ago

Amigos, fellow educators. You CAN do this. Have your students try to do it too.

2 years ago

Awesome work! Congrats

2 years ago

I love the idea of combining the jigsaw app and ThingLink-- very creative!

2 years ago

This is a great idea and I love using Tackk! Very cool, Thinglink, nice!