Why use one great digital classroom tool when you can use multiple together?

App smashing: a creative way to complete projects using multiple apps in conjunction with each other to produce visually appealing presentations.

Tackk works with over 300 3rd party apps thanks to our partnership with Embedly. Include apps like Canva (simple graphic design), SoundCloud (music upload) and Animoto (easy video maker), making it super easy to get your app smash on in a Tackk!

Why App Smash?

- To use all your digital classroom tools collaboratively.

- To allow students to get creative and use critical thinking skills.

- To engage in the classroom.

- Because it's fun!

App Smashing with Canva:

User @Maker_Librarians uses Canva to showcase simple design in her SXSW info Tackk:  


Student @sammybray5 uses Canva to highlight sections of her report on The Flavian Dynasty:

App Smashing with SoundCloud:

Educator @samirchawla prompts students to create a digital music flyer using SoundCloud:


Student @noahkhanaca creates a presentation on the Apollo missions adding music to his presentation through SoundCloud:

App Smashing with Animoto:

Teacher @lightningfarron assigns his students to create an Animoto video to attach to their 1984 project:


Student @RVMJR creates an Animoto video showcasing pictures leading up to her graduation in 2014:

Helpful App Smash Resources: