Meir Panim - After School Programs

Studies have shown that afterschool programs help children to stay off the streets and lower their chances of being involved in risky behavior. The demand for afterschool programs has increased dramatically over the last several years. For youth in poverty-stricken situations, the need for an afterschool program is more important than ever. There are a few key components to making an afterschool program effective. An effective afterschool program should possess some clear goals of the program, thoughtful and experienced leadership, highly trained staff and a program that takes into consideration regular school hours and allows for adequate time for studying and academic responsibilities. These types of afterschool programs should be readily available to anyone, especially those who may be suffering from poverty or other hardships.

For one organization, afterschool programs are a critical part of their overall goals in helping those in need. Meir Panim is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to aiding the impoverished population of Israel. With over seven hundred thousand children unable to provide for themselves and suffering from hunger and poverty, providing key programs such as afterschool programs can make all the difference. Israel is in a state of ongoing and increasing poverty, with 21% of its population currently suffering from economic hardships. Meir Panim, with the support of American Friends of Meir Panim, works hard to implement effective afterschool programs to the children of Israel. Programs such as these are vital to the health of a child and help them to get ahead and battle poverty on their own.

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