By Myles & Romeo

Why you should vist Mars

You should vist Mars because it is on of the most famous planets to vist.Another reason is because if you like going to the grand canyons Mars has a lot of them.They also have a lot of volcanoes if you would like to see one erup.If you come to Mars you should have a very heavy coat because it is very cold at mars.Mars has a lot of cool things that you can collect like surface rocks and craters.if you like to hike mars has mountins that you can hike.They also have moons that you study.

Facts About Mars

Mars is 3.5 billion years old. Mars is also the 4th planet from the sun.It is 1/4 of the size of Earth.It get its red color from the iron in its soil.Mars is named after the Romans gods of war.Mars is very cold its average temperature is -80 Degrees Fahrenheit .

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