Brain Aneurysm Education and Awareness

Hello all! Today I ask that you like the page Apricity on Facebook. This organization (founded by my sorority sister, Kelsey Ognibene) is dedicated to raising awareness of brain aneurysms and tell the stories of survivors. This hits close to home for me since they run in my family. My grandmother, thankfully, survived two because they were caught in time. I ask that all of you learn the signs/symptoms of brain aneurysms because it may save your and/or someone else's life.

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Apricity was started by Kelsey Ognibene. In 2001 Michael Ognibene, Kelsey's father, died of complications following a brain aneurysm rupture at the age of 46. Kelsey was 10 at the time and has decided to raise awareness, funds, and support for the critically underrepresented illness. The current website is available here, it will be updated in the future. Donations and proceeds are given to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation and the National Stroke Association.