European's 4 Life

Giovanni Callejas, Mr. Burruel, World History

What is the significance of Jerusalem to the Europeans?

Jerusalem is where Christianity began, Jesus was brought there after he was born and Jesus was crucified there.

What did the crusaders do in my perspective?

I think that we were just taking back the land where our savior was raised and where he died. I also think that Jerusalem is no place where any Muslim should be.

How did the crusade impact me?

There was a vast increase on cultural horizons because people had actually gone to Palestine and there was proof people had gone there. This showed people that Palestine wasn’t just a mythical place you read about in the Bible.

What is my perspective of other groups during the crusade?

I think that the Muslims should have just gave us the land because it doesn’t belong to Islamic people it is the Christians land. I believe the Jews were brutal murders who had slaughter many Christians without any mercy whatsoever. "the Jewish people scattered throughout these cities and slaughtered them without mercy" (Princeton, 1)

Jesus Christ after he was Crucified.

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