Anatomy and Physiology, Vol. 2

Welcome to the second edition of Anatomy and Physiology!  Check out what we have been up to in class over the last month!

Exercise Physiology & Sport Science

This six weeks, our focus is on bones and muscles.  Students looked at popular fitness and exercise myths, sports injuries, and diet in connection with exercise.  They are creating digital media to add to our iTunes U course we are building to improve the health of our society.  Our course will be released soon...stay tuned!

Help us name our iTunes U course!! The course is designed to challenge society to become healthier by changing what they do and developing healthier habits.  What can we name our course?

Guest Speaker - Dr. Olney

Special thanks to Dr. Olney for coming out and sharing her profession with us.  We learned what a pathologist does and how cool of a profession it really is.  We loved seeing her tissue samples of cancer, tumors, and cysts!  It's not everyday that you can see a vial of gallstones or ovarian tumors! :)

What is Going on With Ebola?

So many students had questions regarding the Ebola concerns in our area.  We took a few days out of talking about muscle and bones to discuss what is going on with Ebola.  The goal was to ease a few fears, give them resources where they could find credible information, and discuss what we could do to help.  Students entered the Open IDEO Challenge to suggest ideas for how we could help the medical community in their fight against Ebola.  Look at this idea from CHS learner, Shash.  Here is his idea and the feedback he got from professionals around the world! Learners then decided to create digital infographics to inform the public of the facts.  Check out the infographics on our class portfolio as they are added over the next week.

Skyping with New Zealand

Students in New Zealand wanted to talk health and wellness with us.  We answered a survey and discussed with them the differences in our lifestyles.  The boys we talked with were about to graduate next week and move on to University.  It was interesting to hear their perspective on school.  In New Zealand, students actually choose which exams they wish to "sit for" and different types of exams are geared for different types of schools and careers.  They choose high school classes based on which external exam they plan to take.

UTSW Medical School - EMT

This months UTSW session was from Jason Quick, an EMT and Paramedic Professor. We discussed the difference between a paramedic and an EMT and learned about his job as an EMT for the National Parks.   He had really interesting and detailed stories and was a very engaging speaker.  My favorite quote: "You are more likely to get leprosy from soda cans than you are to get Ebola in Dallas." :)

Next months session is on November 17, 6:00pm.

Photo credits to Lauren M.,  Alex N., and Caroline B.

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 31 - CHS Red Cross Club is collecting donations to help one of our food services employees, Ms. Torres.  She has recently been diagnosed with leukemia and is a single mom of 2 boys.  Any donations would be appreciated.

Saturday, November 1 and 8 - Coppell Farmers Market

All Next Week - Halloween Candy Buy Back - We will be collecting Halloween candy leftovers to sell to Dr. Rozas, our local pediatric dentist.  The candy is donated to local service communities and we will use funds raised to donate to Ms. Torres.