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I guess you could say a picture is worth a thousand words

store front mannequins, sleeping in lights

@ downtown Waco

During our trip to Baylor University (as you'll learn further down), I decided to take this interesting shot of what type of architecture you'd see downtown. The goal was to turn whatever picture you took into a black and white one. While completing the assignment, I also happened to share a little information with any of my readers about this wonderful place.

@ arboretum in Woodway

This here is from an assignment in which the yearbook staff calls "Person Portfolio". Each member is randomly paired up to someone else. Our job is to spend some time getting to know them, as well as taking pictures that somewhat tells a story about them. In this picture are (left) Omolade and (right) Emilee. It shows anyone who looks at this picture what it's like to be behind the camera, a photographer, rather than in front, the model.

give thanks

@ commongrounds in downtown Waco

Our yearbook staff went to one of the most beautiful college campuses ever, Baylor University. There, we shadowed their journalism department and got a feel on the college life. This cute, little coffee shop is located closely enough for the university's students to take study breaks at. The girl in this picture is Jessica. Our assignment was to snap pictures of anything from architecture to landscapes and people, and manipulate it to black and white. Most would consider this a field trip, I consider it an adventure.

happy days

@ dirtroad in Hewitt

My friend Reid and I were bored one summer day and decided to do a photo shoot featuring her, her sister, and her sister's friend. We drove around trying to find a cool spot and we come across this location. It was a dirt road that led to a field full of sunflowers and dandelions, and also had this really neat tree line(isn't present in picture obviously). The adventure was tons of fun and resulted with many amazing pictures!


@ field in Hewitt

This is my friend Reid. The day I took pictures of her sister and her sister's friend, was the same day this one was taken. Just a few girls, bored one summer, who decided to explore around with our cameras and a new technique we found. It might look like I used a film camera to take this picture, when really I used my D300 Nikon camera. All you have to do in order to make it this "texture" is grab a ziploc bag and wrap it around the lens of your camera. Super easy and very nifty!

@ Las Vegas, NV

Here's a quick picture I snapped while vacationing in Vegas during Spring Break. This spot is really popular, I had to wait in a line in order to take a picture in front of it. I like this picture because it signifies the city of Las Vegas. This display of bright lights is only a small fragment of what's left to come. I definitely recommend a trip here as soon as possible! Not only will you be amazed by the lighted strip at night, there is also so much to do! (Shopping, Site seeing, Shows, etc.)

@ Hewitt Fields

This little girl is the sweetest person ever. She always invites me to her softball games so I decided to finally attend one. During this run, she had just hit a ball into the outfield and made it all the way to third. I snapped this picture when she was on her way to home base, and ended up adding a point to the scoreboard! I love being able to support her in all that she does, so incredibly proud of her goals she continually strives for.


Bored one weekend, my friend and I decided to take a trip to Austin, Texas. We were walking around downtown and found some pretty neat places. SXSW, a music festival,  had been going on this weekend and it was super busy. From the rainy weather to waiting hours in line for a restaurant, of course we made time to go shopping. This picture was snapped while crossing the street to get to Urban Outfitters. After this, we visited more stores. Overall, the trip to Austin turned out to be successful!

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