Kaliah Singer
                            Digital- Tech

My friend Kasja Bromage helped me.

I learned to use the rule of thirds and use pattern and fill the frame when we had to do photography for a PowerPoint.

In digital tech we had to make a PowerPoint showing our four school vaules Caitlyn, Shanay and I chose bravery.

This is a tinker from tinkercad and I learned how to make tinkers and it was fun. So we are making 3D objects and will print them out.

On code i learned how to code a computer in a fun game.

On pixlr I learned how to edit my photos.

I learned how to send attachment to people and collect it.

We all went on scratch and played some games to get some ideas before making our own. I liked this game and want to make a game like it.

We went on scratch and had to make a game or an  animation , i chose animation. We had to code a lot. My animation is about Gobo making Giga happy. It was fun!

We went back on scratch today and i am making a interactive art game like the one i used before but with a few sound effects! We are using this program to get better coding skills.

This lesson we were making our dream home this is mine so far it was a bit hard to get the televison on the desk.

Today i had a visit in my dream home. (The walls and floor will be changed for I am still working on it!) This room is one of the bedrooms.

Today we went on tinkercad to make a small design so it could print on the 3D printer. I made this!

We are making a animation with pivot it will include bravery or safety or respect or even teamwork.

Today we were learning about cyber bullying.We learnt about the dangers of social media and that some kids talk to people they dont know. We also now know to keep our settings on private.

I went on pivot again and made this 2 in 1 clip it shows bravery when one of the stick men in each video stands up to help. In this photo the brave one is helping up this stick man.

This is the video i  was talking about it is 2 in 1 so when one ends the other takes its place.

Today we were on sketchup (sounds like ketchup!) and we had to make a chair after were learnt about the basics. This is my chair and it's oh so amazing!

This is also something Im making  on sketchup it is 3 bulidings  in a city I like all of it except that lonely door ( the door is not going all the way through by the way but it did. I had it sealed.)

This is a view of the house i do like and decided that it should be shown on here so you all get the idea.

This is the finished building of the one I have shown earlier. As you can see its part of a big city. I might want  to live in these buildings if they are created.

This is a 3D creation I made on tinkercad. I made it because it went into my head as soon as I started tinkercad but I only found out how to do it now.

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