Family Guy Review

Although I am a Middle Schooler, and I don’t understand half of the jokes or references, Family Guy is my favorite show. It puzzles me the way Seth MacFarlane makes me laugh anyways.

Family Guy is about the Griffins, a family of six who live in Quahog Rhode Island. Lois is Peter’s wife; she stays home with the three kids while Peter works at the brewery. Meg and Chris are brother and sister who both are in high school at James Woods High. Stewie is the baby,who goes on crazy journeys with Brian the dog. Brian is peter’s dog, he’s a writer. Peter Griffin is the main character and goes on unbelievable expeditions with his buddies, Joe and quagmire.

The Griffins must be based on some live family, because I don’t see how every character could be so absolute. Brian is a talking dog that actually works… he’s really funny! Brian does all of the average human things, but every once in a while he will come out with a line like “You’re talking to a guy who uses his tongue as toilet paper” and it’s hilarious! Peter will be your best friend. He is completely crazy but is in control at the most chaotic times. You can’t forget Meg. Once you meet her you will hate her.

The way each episode is set up, is just perfect. There is a lesson to be learned in every show. Family Guy is great for children to watch because it teaches children about more mature concepts. Although each episode has many flawless moments of comicality, there is an “ aww”, heartfelt moment every time.

I suggest this show to really, any person who loves to laugh. I have seen every episode (thanks to netflix), because my family is really into it. Family Guy is unlike my usual shows I watch by a lot; it just impresses me how fond of it I am myself.

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3 years ago