University of California at Berkeley

Fiat Lux (Let There Be Light)

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Campus History and Origin

It was established on March 23, 1868 as the result of a merger between the private College of California and the public Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College in Oakland. It was the first full-curriculum public university in the state. When the school first opened it had only 10 faculty members and 40 students. As of now the school has 1,232 acres.

It is considered by Times Higher Education as a member of a group of six university brands that lead in world reputation rankings in 2015 and is ranked third on the U.S. News' 2015 Best Global Universities rankings conducted in the U.S. and nearly 50 other countries.The Academic Ranking of World Universities also ranks the University of California, Berkeley, fourth in the world, third in engineering, fourth in social sciences and first in mathematics & life sciences.The university is also well known for producing a high number of entrepreneurs.

As of Autumn of 2014 UC Berkeley had 27,126 undergraduate students and 10,455 graduate students.

Admission requirements

  • For out of state students ,you need to maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.4.
  • Letters of recommendation are not required.
  • You are required to self report your grades
  • Act: 25th and 75th percentiles
  • SAT math: 25th and 75th percentiles
  • SAT writing: 25th and 75th percentiles
  • SAT reading: 25th and 75th percentiles
  •   SAT Reading: 500 / 610

      SAT Writing: 490 / 600

            SAT Writing: 490 / 600

Tuition and Costs

All together it would be $57,854.

Campus Life: Bonfire Rally

This tradition to hold these rallies began in 1891. They are held the night before athletic events.

Degree Plan:

  • One year sequence of general chemistry with laboratory
  • One year sequence of general biology with laboratory
  • Two terms of calculus and either a third term of calculus or one term of statistics
  • Two terms of organic chemistry with laboratory
  • One year sequence of physics with laboratory
  • Cover letter

    John Doe

    Company Name

    Irvine, California

    May 21, 2015

    Good afternoon Mr. John Doe,

    I am writing this letter in hopes of scheduling an interview with you for the position of

    Paleontological Field Technician in Irvine, California.

    I am currently working towards completing my Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology at University of California at Berkeley. Through my years of college and the completion of my other degrees, I have been able to obtain extensive knowledge on this specific field of study.

    I have taken notice to the qualifications for this position and I can assure you that I have more than three years of experience doing this type of work in southern California and am able to correctly identify the fossils found doing the field work. I am also very capable of leading fossil excavations.

    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to our interview.

    Isabell, Beltran

    Broken Dreams Blvd


    Letter Of Recommendation

    To Whom It May Concern:

    It is without any hesitation that I write this letter of recommendation for Isabell Beltran for a position as a paleontologist. Ms.Beltran is a very special and curious individual that has a very caring heart. This student is always curious for more and just loves to learn and explore at every opportunity she gets and not to mention is a very hard worker

    One of Ms.Beltran’s most valued skills include the ability to become a creative mind in everything that she does and always thinks outside of the box. She is a brilliant thinker and by what I have observed will be a much needed and valued asset to your program. This talented young lady will also much benefit from this opportunity mainly due to her ability to keep wanting to learn and explore at every opportunity she gets her hands on.

    Ms.Beltran is always ready for the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead and will absolutely benefit and learn from this wonderful experience. It is without a doubt that she will strive and excel in this position. If you would like to discuss Ms. Beltran further, you may contact me at, or via phone: (915)490-3122.

    Best Regards,

    Idalis Mendez

    El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

    El Paso, TX 79938

    Tel: (915)490-3122


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    Paleontologist are scientist whose main purpose is to study fossils of living organisms and animals for the purpose of learning what the earth was like years and years ago. They are responsible for finding the fossils and identifying pertinent facts about the fossils using scientific techniques. Generally the fossils are located by excavating layers of sedimentary rock. Once they are found, some of the information the paleontologist will want to discover includes the age of the fossil and whether the fossil was formed on land or under water. The information that they gather is used to discover about the history of the earth. They earn between $51,860 and $100,650 yearly. There's not really a high demand for this job, most people don't really find it to be important.

    You need to attend a college preparatory program, a major in either biology or geology preferably a double major, hands on experience, Phd or a doctoral degree.

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