Australian Culture

Kelli Lewis, Will Parker, Brad Taylor
November 14, 2013
Foods 1 3rd Period


1. Greetings in Australia are usually casual and relaxed.

2. An Australian may say "G'day" or "G'day, mate"

3. When invited to dinner bring flowers or chocolate.

4. Arive on time if invited to barbecues, it you are going to be late don't be any later than 15 minutes.

Information About the Culture:

Different types of food:

Emu, Grub worm, grilled kangaroo, barramundi

Most Australians are christians

They love to play sports- cricket, netball, soccer(football), rugby

They do not have a certain dress standard

They have a box holiday which is the day after christmas

The way Australians and americans greet each other are similar. greetings are relaxed and casual mainly with a handshake or smile. when invited to someones house you usually bring something. in Australia you either bring chocolate or flowers and in America you usually bring a side dish to go with the meal.

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