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Brazil is the largest country in south american it is also the 5th largest nation in the world. It is the enormous triangle on the eastern side of the continent it has borders with ever south american country except Chile and Ecuador. The  Brazil Landscape is varied. It is well known for its dense forests. There is also dry grassland (called pampas).

If your headed to Brazil for Carnival then February is the time to be there. You definitely wont be alone through so prepare for the crowds. If your keen to get away from hordes visits in March or April, you'll find the beaches are still amazing.History buffs will find the weather in Brazil best between June and August to avoid the heat.

Most of there campground and rental hotels cost about R$105 per night plus cleaning.

Arts and Culture.

Food from fancy restaurants

The food in Brazil use's a lot of fish,meat,tropical fruits,rice,beans,and manioc, and a lot of others. Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil.The dish is made with pork,rice,black beans,ham,onions,beef,and chorizo this dish contains all parts of a pig such as tale,nose,and ear.

Outdoor games

In Brazil national championship is split into four divisions: Serie A,B,C and D. The serie A consists of 20 teams which all play each other,once,home and away. The team with the most points at the end of the season gets crowned champion. The serie B also contains 20 teams while C,D gets a little bit more complex.

Historical sites

One Historical site is  belo horizonte. It is the 3rd largest city in brazil. Belo is famous for its looks of colonial architecture.It has been since the 18 century.

Map showing sites to vist

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