New Years Traditions

Every year, there comes a holiday called New Year's Day, a celebration of the new year. There are many traditions that many people celebrate for New Years, like eating specific foods, black eyed peas, the hopefulness of our New Year's resolutions, and even the relocation of the celebrations, like Chinese New Years. I will be posting data collected on new years traditions, the differences of how all of us celebrate new years.

RQMS 8th Grade Survey

In a recent survey at Rock Quarry Middle School in 8th grade, we asked New Years traditions from them. Here are the results we found.

Number of 8th graders who took this survey: 147

Percentage of 8th graders:

88% of us spend with family

12% of us spend without family

25% of us spend with both family and friends

48% of us spend with only family

14% of us spend with only friends

57% watch football on New Years

47% people set of fireworks

Only 5% of people don’t stay up til 12 and 95% do stay up

National Statistics

One million people see the ball drop at New York City Times Square

One billion watch it on television.

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