Candle Star
By. Michelle Isenhoff
book report by
Jojo Settle

captions:                                                                                                                                            The first picture shows slaves running away. The second picture shows the cover of the book.The third one represents Emily with Coal Dust. The forth is the barn. The fifth is the candle star that guides slaves to freedom. The last one is slave kids representing Aberham and Rachel(runaway slave children).



                            Emily Preston is sent to live with her uncle for about a year. She is from the south and her uncle lives in the north so she believed in slavery but her uncle did not. When she arrives at the train station her uncle greets her and she already knew she did not like him. So she started being mean to him so he couldn't stand her so her uncle to send her home back to Ella Wood in Charleston, South Carolina. When she arrives to her uncles wagon she begins to dislike by the method of transportation. But when she gets to her uncles place she notices its a inn and scanned the building in disapprove. She walked inside doubtfully and said "uncle i'm tired may i please be showed to my room" with a commanding voice she goes to her room and grabs her bag from Zeke her slave and she filled with curiosity and felt she had to explore the place, she tried to open her uncles door but it wouldn't open. So she went down stairs and heard people over talking"nope i hadent seen her yet, ans i in no hurry to" she stopped and heard more talking"oh Julia you have everyone from the south stuffed in the same sack""oh i hope yous right Shannon"Emily realized that they were talking about her but Emily started to loose interest in the conversation shortly after.Later she met Julia and Shannon and did not like them cause of what she heard at the beginning of the book. She thought one of them treated southern people differently than northern people she also thought that one wanted her to be like her pet. After her dinner she goes upstairs and tries her uncles door once more and it opens on his desk there is a diary and she is curious to see whats in it but she is int interrupted by the noise of footsteps so she closes the door and goes into her room to plan her escape plan to get sent back to Ella wood. The next day she goes downstairs and meets Malachi a African american and everything changes she starts hearing different view points on slavery and she learned that he can read and do math.


he met a horse named coal dust and began feeling the need to ride her. she walked to school with Malachi one day and asked"were is your dad"Malachi replied"dead" "why"Emily said "he was a runaway my mother made it but he did not on the way to look for my mothers brother"Malachi said "i'm sorry to hear that" said Emily. That afternoon after a fight with her and a bully she decides to run away so her uncle could send her back to Ella wood and she went so far she ended up in a plantation a guy came out and shot a bullet up in the air to give a warning for her to leave, coal dust ran and she left Emily to walk alone home. It was about a 5 mile walk and out of all it, it started to rain when she was about half way there she sees Julia and her uncle walking to find her. uncle did not seem to mad he replied with a you are so much like me when i was a kid. So the next day she had to go apologize to the owner of coal dust and Emily punishment was to pick up horse manure for a whole day. Later in the story Malachi and Emily attend a fair and watch performances which made Malachi and Emily friends . One day slave catchers checked into the inn and Emily loved hearing there stories she said it reminded her of the south. But when a slave that been caught showed up at the hotel she starts to not believe in slavery he had whip marks all over, had a limp when he walked, had frost bite, blood all over him, and horrifying cuts and bruises.


             At the end Malachi and Emily go to church and she sings and is having fun. But when they get home the slave catcher had to tell Emily something he asked if Emily could help him catch slaves Emily did not want to but he scared her so she replied yes. Later she returns home and goes into the barn she saw a door open slightly and she walked up to it and peered inside there was a boy and a girl sitting on the floor she ran out for a scream but someone put there hand over her mouth she heard the voice of Malachi, "please don't scream" he said. She mumbled'' i wont scream' it all made since to her. her uncles inn was a station. Her mind filled with questions did her mother know?who were they?are they runaway slaves? Malachi said there names were Rachel and Aberham two runaway slaves that worked for Mr. Burrows the slave catcher. "The boat to Canada is going to leave tomorrow"Malachi said "and we need to get them to safety" he said once again"but how"Emily said i'm going to have to lead the slave catchers in a other direction by strapping there clothing to my feet so the dogs can get there scent" Malachi said"i want to come'' Emily said "you cant, Your uncle wont allow it"said Malachi "i'm going no matter what"Emily said "fine". the next day Emily's uncle agrees to let Emily go after some begging and they ride out to where the boat is trade cloths, jump out of the wagon and start running they could hear barking of the hounds chasing behind them they ran through mud, fields,grass, and went through a stream until Emily fell the panting started getting louder and louder until they reached the barn Emily had went to when she rode coal dust they had nowhere to go so they went to the barn and climbed up a ladder to the roof they saw the hounds loose track and change direction so they ran to the street and waited for there uncle to pick them up. But in the sight off the riverbank a candle was shining off an boat and they knew that they made it.

what i noticed about the text was: The author started sentences of with ''and"

what i noticed about the illustration was: on the cover it showed Malachi and Emily running

      The book was was realistic fiction.


     Emily(main characters)-Brave,commanding,Selfish

      Malachi(Emily's friend)-helpful,kind,polite


     Julia(Malachi's mom)-funny,kind,respectful


protagonist and antagonist

         The antagonist is Mr.Burrows.

         The protagonist is Emily.

Plot Development

          It is man vs. self because she is deciding if she believes in slavery or not.


          The settings are the inn, school, and outside. Four words to describe the setting is crowded,noisy,big, and boring.

         The book reminded me of the Underground Railroad.

          My connection is i had to leave to go to a overnight camp and missed my mom. I think Emily might of too.


                I would recommend this book to anyone who likes learning and likes having a little suspense in the book.