Let's Comic!!
A Layman's guide to Comic Master

Welcome to the incredibly simple world of comic master, a simple little tool that makes it incredibly easy to make a short and to the point graphic novel through incredibly simple tools. I actually created a number of quick one-shot comics using this program. While it may seem a little intense at first it is incredibly easy to use.

Read on true believer to see just how simple it is to create an awesome comic of your very own:

1) The first thing to do, is to drag and drop any number of panel layouts to be used in our comic. This is easy and there are a wide number of options. For this tutorial we will be sticking to a simple one page strip. Simply follow the presented instructions and drag them onto the page grid until satisfied. Click on the bright red MORE! button to see more panel designs.

2) After deciding on a panel layout, the bulk of comic master is laid before you. These various options work in the same way. Simply click on a particular topic and decide what goes where in context of your page. Remember however, that each particular object is it's own individual layer, and the utilization of the provided tools will ensure your success.

1) Save: Saves comics, requires a sign up however.

2) Load: Allows users who have signed up to load a previously worked on comic and continue to work on it

3) New Page: Adds another page to the comic, allowing for the story to be further expanded using the same tools

4) Undo: deletes the previous action taken so any mistakes may be corrected

5) Delete: Deletes any selected object within panels

6) Move Object Back:

7) Move Object Forward

8) Text: Allows any text/thought/caption bubble to be edited individually when selected and any of the users own text placed inside.

9) Default zoom: Resets the zoom to the default 100%

10) Zoom-in/out dial: Zoom in or out on your comic, allowing easier readability and editing ability.

11) Move Page: Moves between the page in the direction chosen, useful when zoomed in.

12) Print: Allows users to print there comics using a printer.

3) As seen in the above picture, laying out panels, text bubbles, and so on is incredibly easy given the limited resources and lack of ability to import your own images.

4) If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend signing up for this free website as that allows you to save and continue to work on comics at a later date and time. It's free and simple

After working through and designing a first page, it may look a little rough if it's your first time but with some practice and creativity, it's incredibly easy to create well thought out character's and comics using this tool.

As you can see below I was able to make a very simple beginning opening page using this program, the only issue is asides the print option, there is no formal way to save individual pages or to link in non-edit mode. As such I have attached a completed page example below:

As we can see, it's easy to use and design whole stories using comic maker, be it for a quick brain storming or as a normal project.

As the big man Stan Lee says, Excelsior! Good luck creating your own comic book adventures in comic master.

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