Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

-Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

-Security Guard-Guards, patrols, or monitors premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules. May operate x-ray and metal detector equipment.

-Combat Mission Support Officer ... (Military - Officer)-Combat mission support officers ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time during military operations.


-Fashion Designer-Designs clothing and accessories for manufacturers and for sale directly to the public. May follow established fashion trends or create new designs that influence trends.

-Athletic Shoe Designer- Shoes like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Tiger, Brooks and Pony brought new ideas and specialized sports shoes to the market.

-Marketing Manager-Formulates, directs and coordinates marketing activities and policies,Identifies, develops, and evaluates marketing strategy,

Hospitality and Tourism

Basketball Player-The major men's basketball league is the National Basketball Association (NBA), which has two conferences. The Eastern Conference has the Atlantic, Southeast and Central Divisions

Chef-Instructs cooks or other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, or presentation of food.Determines how food should be presented and creates decorative food displays.

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