Sports and Entertainment Final Project

Movie Poster Review

It has a large image of the main character as a human and the girl Avatar. It makes you wanna know who they are and why is he next to an Avatar? It tells you a little bit of what it's about but you want to know whats going on in that scene in the bottom and you wonder what he's riding on. It makes you wonder what the whole movie is about. Truly I heard about the movie and saw the poster and I really wanted to see this movie and it's very good and they are making Avatar 2 that comes out in 2016. I feel like the movie will be just as good or better than the first one. We'll have to wait and see how the posters and previews are of the movie.

Movie Theater Trailer Review

You can tell the movie is about a girl who has to leave her town because she's different than everyone else and she hurt her sister when she was little because she couldn't control her powers. It looks like her sister and a good friend go to find her and take an amazing, weird, and fun adventure to find her in the woods and they battle to save to kingdom that's frozen in internal winter.

Market Plain for Maleficent

The plot deals with the most iconic villain from 1959 in Sleeping Beauty and it's about how her warm heart turns to stone. Maleficent places a curse on a human king's new born infant. When the child grows up she has to pick between the forest kingdom or the human kingdom that holds her legacy and Maleficent finds out that the child hold the key to peace between the lands and will change both worlds forever. They should put this movie on all channels for previews because many parents that grew up watching that movie would maybe want to see that and many kids know of the story sleeping beauty and if they like the movie preview they may want to go see the movie as well. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to make a profile or a page about the movie and post special events and previews and facts and behind the scenes of the movie.

3 Tips on what TV Marketers should use

1. They should put their commercial previews for other shows from their program during prime time which is 8-11pm. Many people sit down and watch tv around that time because it's when you want to relax after work or school and just watch your favorite shows and just be happy and if you like that show and they have commercials of a show just like that but it's different you'll most likely want to read about it and watch an episode of it.

2. Make a Facebook or Twitter page for your new show. People can find out about it and you can post pictures and links and videos of the characters and where they are and what they have to do and give the viewers a little suspense so they will wan to watch the show to find out what happened. People will tell their friends and will make a status or tweet about it and maybe you'll have a hash tag trending about your show.

3.Don't make the episode available on the internet right away so people will want to watch it when its on and make sure people won't want to miss out on what happened that night and make sure people will talk about it. You want people to watch it when it airs and not record it so they cant skip commercials and wont miss anything that could be a clue about whats coming up after the break.

Changes in Upcoming TV

I feel like soon that you can fast forward through all the commercials on regular time tv and you can still record and that commercials will slowly go away and everything for promoting will be on the internet and mostly on Facebook and Twitter. Soon tv will be the whole show for a whole 30 minuets to an hour long and if you need to go get something to eat or go to the bathroom you can pause it even if your watching it in prime time. Tv will come to that or something like that will happen with tv and there will be no commercials or it will be a lot of money than it is to make commercials now.

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