Math in a Minute: Summer Edition

Volume 3 Issue 30

Here are some great ideas to work on math over the summer!  

Ways to Reinforce Math During Summer

Games to Play with a Deck of Cards

Games to Play with a Pair of Dice

Math Games at Home

Outside Math Fun

How many triangles/shapes can you make with 9 (or any number) sticks?

Baseball Math Fun

Are you headed to a baseball game this summer? The next time you head to the game, incorporate a few math games while you cheer on your favorite team!

Have your child play umpire and ask him to keep count of each batter's balls and strikes. Additionally, he can also keep track of the outs every inning, and how many innings are left before the game is over. Ask him questions, such as what inning marks the halfway point in the game, and how many runs the losing team needs to catch up.

If a certain player on one of the teams is close to breaking a record, such as homeruns, have your child figure out how many more he needs to meet and break the record! (

Roadtrip Math Fun

Calculating time and mileage is a fun way for your child to pass the time in the car. For example, if the grocery store is three miles away, how long does he think it will take you to get there?

If you have several errands to run, ask you child how far away he thinks each destination is from the other, and then clock it to see how close his guess is.

Another fun car game is to use the numbers on license plates as an addition and subtraction lesson. Ask your child to add or subtract all the numbers he sees on the license plates you pass. (