Most Haunted Castle in Europe

By:Khandi Ramseur

This is a picture of Europe's most haunted castle after we are done with this we will take a tour inside!!!

This is a photo of the living room after it was haunted by evil ghost.

This here is a photo of it before all of the haunting as you can see that it is a hallway leading to rooms.

Now as you can see that this is a office where some one once worked.

This here is a picture of a room with beds that people have once slept on, this room was for kids to sleep.

This is where they had most of their celebrations here, as you can see they had a piano to make their own music.

This is the basement where all of the hauntings started to happen.They said it was as creepy as walking in a grave yard in the dark.

The walk down the stair case was immense because while we were walking down here you could hear kids running down them.

This is a bed room and if you look very close you can see a body figure walking in this room was instantaneous cause every body was scared and ran.

The last part of the tour as you can see it is the 2nd way out of the castle I hope you have had a delightful time on the tour.

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