7th Amendment

By: Tatyana Karptsov

    The 7th Amendment guarantees an accused person of the right to have a trial by jury in most civil cases and also guarantees that facts decided by those juries cannot be reexamined at a later date. In civil cases, the person bringing the lawsuit seeks money damages or a court order to prevent the person being sued from getting into certain behavior. To win, the lawsuit must prove his or her case by showing evidence by over fifty percent of the proof.

    It was designed to prevent the establishment of random courts of justice, where the decision of the judges is subject to the impulse and control of the government. The purpose of having the 7th Amendment is to ensure that citizens' civil cases can be heard and decided upon a jury of their peers.

    Before the Revolutionary War, American colonial juries became one of the leading places for American colonists to express their disagreement against the British government. In the 1600's, England passed a series of laws that became known as the Navigation Acts. These acts led to trial and the juries often freed their people even though they did alot of violating beaking the law and so the king got angry and he set up new courts that didn't allow juries. Also the Constitutional Convention lead up to the 7th Amendment because at the Constitutional Convention some made suggestions to have a right to a jury trial and then the states ratified ten of the Amendments to be known as the Bill of Rights.

Bill of Rights

The 7th Amendment was ratified on December 15th, 1791.

Ratifying the 7th Amendment changed the way the government solved problems in our nation. Now that we have the right of trial by jury, we can solve problems much easier.

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