Let's create
Crazy (and surrealistic) tales

Tales are part of our lives,and help us to imagine,to reflect and to dream,so,we're going to work with them.

First at all,we are going to discover the surrealism.

Let's learn about surrealism.

For instance, having a look to these links...

And even you can watch these virtual tours ...

And these interesting galleries vía SURREALISTIC ME

Let's start!!!

But it's hard to start with this work,how can we begin?

Just have a look here

Is there anything more surrealistic than a flying elephant?

Yes!! Naoto Hattori´s works ;)

Now,we have to invent!!

Remember that the font of our inspirations is the


And now it's your turn,let's begin to create!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In pairs,you have to invent your own crazy tale!!

Remember to share it with the teacher using Drive .

(If you don't remember how to use it,look at this tutorial.)

After finishing we're illustrate them with wax crayons.

-Remember: a cover,two illustrations and a back cover-


And finally...

We are going to upload our tales to Issuu,a tool that allows you to create a sort of virtual magazine. Here you have the link,and a pair of tutorials,in order to make you remember if you don't pay attention during the explanation...

Just imagine and enjoy!!!