Real Estate Agent

When I grow up I want to be A Real Estate  Agent.Here is what I have learned about being a Real Estate Agent

3 interesting facts about real estate agent

1. Agents  don't have to go to school

2.the  can make  up to 42,000 -45,000 a year

3. the have to be professional and nice.

Agent have to take a state test  so the can be a Agen and sale houses and the have to do classes or online  classes. An agent makes 42,000 - 45,000 a year depending on the house.Real Estate Agents don't have  go  to college the have to take classes and online courses that there broker tells them to do.    

I want to become an agent because  like people  and helping them. when I grow up I want to be a Real Estate Agent cause when I  was little I always want to be in Real Estate.I want to start when I am m young so I can get farther and get better. when I have in in the business for a long time I can become a broker and own my own company and have other agents come and work at my company.     

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